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Congratulations! You get to be part of the next Revolution!

You've been randomly selected to participate in a test panel for the brand new iPhone 7 256Gb!

You're invited to test the brand new iPhone 7 before it's released to the public. We're looking for (47) additional users for feedback so we can make this the best iPhone ever.

If you'd like to join our private test group, simply answer these 4 questions.

To show our appreciation for your help, you'll be rewarded with the new 64Gb iPhone 6s, totally free!

Inventory is low, act fast and act now!

Question 1 of 4: Do you currently own any Apple products?


Question 2 of 4: Which of these features would you like to see on the iPhone 7?

Wireless charging
HD Display

Question 3 of 4: Which of these messaging methods do you prefer?

Regular SMS
Video messages

Question 4 of 4: Do you live in or near ?


Checking your answers...

No double registrations found

We have (34) spots left

You qualify for (1) iPhone 6s 64Gb


You qualify for the private test group to be hosted in !

We will contact you shortly with more details. Click below to claim your bonus iPhone 6s 64Gb. This is to say thanks for your participation.



Enter your correct shipping details on the next page to receive your bonus iPhone 6. Supplies are limited, so act fast!



Amelie Aikton

Mine just came in the mail today. Thank you Apple for the iPhone (my T-shirt is too big.Can i change it? :)!

Reply - Like - 27 Likes -

Jamie Stevenson

I Wasn't sure if this was legit or not, but I received my iPhone today!

Reply - Like - 54 Likes -

Kim Lee

Though this was a joke at first, but the iPhone and this huge T-shirt actually came in the mail this morning. I want to do more surveys! lol

Reply - Like - 10 Likes -

Axel Schmidt

Sweeeet! iPhone for free, holy shit! I tryied to register 2nd time for another iPhone but they call me because my registration is duplicated.I ask for another T-shirt and they send it over... I have 2 T-shirts now! WINNER WINNER!

Reply - Like - 45 Likes -

Andrea F.

I actually saw this survey one other time and I ignored it cause I thought it was bullshit. I saw this ad again and decided to try it since I was bored... I actually got an iPhone + Navy T-shirt. CRAZY!

Reply - Like - 3 Likes - August 25, 2015